#apples (first time in a while)
<+Pippin> Congratulations! The winner is Markaci with (Fast & Furious) (Video Games)!
<+Pippin> Scores: Newton:5 sexpanther:3 Markaci:7 Rainbow:5 angryrancor:6 Moo:1 [Points to win: 7]
<+Pippin> The game is over. It ran for 0h23m11s
<+Pippin> Moo is grossulariaceous.
<+Pippin> angryrancor is up & down, loud, honorable, unhealthy, hairy and perfect.
<+Pippin> sexpanther is senseless, controversial and rough & ready.
<+Pippin> Rainbow is warm & cozy, cowardly, zany, awesome and fragile.
<+Pippin> Newton is hopeless, repulsive, daring, new and fat.
<+Pippin> Markaci is cozy, haunting, corrupt, simple, funny, young & restless and fast & furious.
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